Windhold expansion

Expansion dialog for Windhold.

"Hahaha. Do you really think that you can roll up into my city empty-handed, you upstart? And don't expect me to tolerate those deadbeats with you. You don't have the time or energy to get the necessary resources? There's no place in business for wimps!" — Derek Torne

Windhold is a city in the southeast corner of the map. It cannot be accessed until level 38, and you need to have 780 steel, 990 coal, 500 titanium, and 48 locomotives. You also need to have upgraded Giantfort's administration to Level 6. To open the territory, it costs either 27.5 million silver or 780 gold.

The territory also includes a sphene mine, a lumber mill, a clay pit and a stone quarry, as well as The Sandman.

Notable Quests & Tasks

Task-icon Build a Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Group District-bonus in Windhold

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