• Virtual Nomad


    November 2, 2016 by Virtual Nomad

    @ all,

    As suggested on the Wikia Adoption article, I would like to express my desire to adopt this Wikia in order to procure Bureaucrat & Admin rights that will expand contribution options for me (menu, CSS edits, etc.).

    Our current Sysops can be found here and include the current owner, Joshuamiranda007, who last checked in December 2015, ~a week before my request for Admin rights.

    I also offered similar request to Oziabla who found that they were unable to grant more than my current discussion/chat moderator status in February 2016.

    Otherwise, with more than 1,000 edits & numerous image uploads & comments since joining just over a year ago, along with the desire to see this wikia continue its growth and usefulness for fellow TE fans, I do believ…

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