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Unlock Requirements
Level Trains-icon District-admin Lock-icon
25 34 Craftville (4) B6
Cost 5.5M Silver-icon or 280 Gold-icon
Resources 340 Steel-icon 550 Coal-icon 140 Titanium-icon
Trains-icon Mines Boats-icon
Silver-mine-icon Craftville Titanium-mine-icon Sweethold
Trains-icon Passengers Boats-icon
Passenger-icon Shinestad
Passenger-icon Windhold
Passenger-icon Wideport
Objects Districts
Crystal-icon Mysterious Islet District-port Port

Additional Mines serving Sweethold

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Territory Level
Trains-icon Boats-icon
A6 30 Coal-mine-icon Farm-icon
C6  ?? Clay-mine-icon Lumber-mill-icon Ore mine icon Stone-quarry-icon

Notable Quests & Tasks

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