There are two types of steamships, Cargo and Passenger.

Cargo steamships operate identically to Locomotives except for being much slower and more costly. They can carry Cargo from a water-based Coal Mine, Stone quarry, Farm, Ore mine or Sphene mine.

Passenger steamships must have an available Residential District in each of the cities they are travelling between.

Unlike Routes by Rail, Water Routes cannot be upgraded.

Steamship capacity is given relative to the most-basic steamships.

Steamship Level Required Craft Cargo Capacity Image
Fitch Cargo Steamship 4 Wood-icon60 Screw2 Link2 Coal-icon Stone-icon Goods-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon 100% Fitch cargo steamship
Fulton Passenger Steamship 10 Wood-icon150 Nut4 Piston3 Passenger-icon 100% Fulton passenger steamship
Archimedes Cargo Steamship 17 Wood-icon150 Crankshaft1 Turbine1 Coal-icon Stone-icon Goods-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon 150% Archimedes cargo steamship
Skibladner Passenger Steamship 19 Titanium-icon250 Crankshaft1 Longeron1 Passenger-icon 150% Skibladner passenger steamship
Livingston Turbine Steamer 5? Gold-icon300 Coal-icon Stone-icon Goods-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon 200% Livingston turbine steamer
Stevens Passenger Turbine Steamer 5? Gold-icon300 Passenger-icon 200% Stevens passenger turbine steamer


The following is a comparison between Basic Steamships as they come from the factory and those fully-Upgraded through Research.

Chance to Obtain Items Ratings Chance-icon are approximations based upon in-game bar graphs while Speed Speed-icon, Efficiency Capacity-icon & Capacity Train-length-icon Ratings are based upon Default Contract data and represent percentages (%) of the Default Time Time-icon, Costs & Revenue for each.

A Steamship's Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon will determine how often Repairs must be made. Preventative Maintenance may be performed prior to breakdown to Restore a ship's current Reliability (which is reduced through normal usage in fulfilling Contracts), up to its Maximum. Some Steamships will never break down nor require Maintenance and are indicated with '∞' below:

Cargo Ships
Ship Status Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
Fitch Cargo
basic 100 120 150 100 20
upgraded 120 100 300 85 20
Archimedes Cargo
basic 130 110 200 100 18
upgraded 170 110 450 100 32
Livingston Turbine
basic 200 120 100 18
upgraded 200 60 85 40
Passenger Ships
Ship Status Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon Silver-icon max L4 contract
Fulton Passenger
basic 100 120 160 100 18
upgraded 120 100 220 80 18
Skibladner Passenger
basic 140 120 170 100 18 6,000?
upgraded 170 100 300 100 40 6,800
Stevens Passenger
Turbine Steamer
basic 200 120 100 18 8,000
upgraded 260 100 80 18 10,000

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