The Smithy is a Passive Income development North of Coldport (Level 11 Required) which generates 1 Random Part Parts over time.

Upgrade to the location will increase the potential Complexity of the Part.


Lvl Goods-icon Steel-icon Crystal-icon Brick-icon Titanium-icon Time-icon Speedup-icon
1 50 100 1 - - 03:00:00 3,000 Silver-icon
2 50 50 10 - - 10:00:00 25,000 Silver-icon
3 - - 40 80 200 24:00:00 15 Gold-icon


Each level of Upgrade increases potential complexity of the Part generated. I.e., at Level 2, the Random Part will be 1 of 10 different parts (from Basics Elements to Basic Parts sets), or 1 of 15 at Level 3 (Basic Elements through Ordinary Parts sets).

Once the Part is collected, the Timer will be reset:

Lvl Parts Time-icon In this solitude, you can find:
1 1 06:00:00 Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder
2 1 06:00:00 Link Cogwheel Rope Piston Valve
3 1 06:00:00 Crankshaft Gearing Chain Pump Thermostat

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