Sky Whale airship

The Sky Whale is a "special offer" Airship which can only be obtained through a promotional sale (and only for cash) and is proclaimed "The best airship in Storewell". The most-recent offer was for €14,99 (December 2016).

Key features:

Flight time Time-icon and Resources Required to fulfill Contracts will vary and do increase as you progress through the game (as does Crystal Revenue).

  • Upgrades can reduce both requirements: see Speed Speed-icon & Efficiency Capacity-icon below:


Upgrade Research Time-icon Speedup-icon
Powerful-engine 1000 Blueprints 6:00:00 500 Blueprints
HardCarcas 1500 Blueprints Blueprints
GasPump Blueprints Blueprints


Crafting-icon Cash 47 39 65
Powerful-engine 1 Chain 1 Chainwheel 1 Propeller-engine 47 70 65
HardCarcas 480 Titanium-icon 1 Longeron 1 Armored-skin 115 70 65
GasPump* 2 Turbine 1 Crank-gear 1 Compound Requires No Room in Hangar

Maintenance & Dismantling

Where the Sky Whale's Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon Rating is Infinite ∞, it will require No Repairs.

An airship may be Dismantled for random Parts determined by its level of Upgrade:

Upgrade Possible Parts
None Link Cogwheel Rope Piston Valve
Crankshaft Gearing Chain Pump Thermostat

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