Rocket locomotive
Outpaces a team of horses when going uphill. It also does not produce much smoke, so it is useful to transport Passengers Passenger-icon.

The Rocket locomotive is the first decent Locomotive available in the game. It can only pull one carriage, but unlike the Puffing Billy it can pull a wide range of carriages including Small, Standard and Premium class Carriages Carriages-icon. In addition, Rocket locomotive can pull passenger carriages.

The Rocket will be the primary train in your fleet until the Pacific becomes available.


The Rocket locomotive can be attached to an almost every carriage in the game. Though, it cannot be attached to two Premium class carraige types and one special event type: Armored Special Carriage (freight), Sleeping Car (passenger) and Christmas Carraige (requires special christmas event).


Research-unlock In order to Research and Craft the Rocket Locomotive, Research on the Leaf Spring Leafspring (1st Upgrade) for the Puffing Billy must be complete.

Blueprints Time-icon Speedup-icon
Crafting-icon 100 10:00:00 10 Blueprints
Leafspring 90 0:30:00 10 Blueprints
Reliable-plating 110 0:30:00 10 Blueprints
Wheelpair 110 1:00:00 20 Blueprints
Horn 200 1:00:00 20 Blueprints
Hitch 750 3:00:00 100 Blueprints

Mogul Unlock

Research-unlock Research on the Reliable Plating Reliable-plating (2nd Upgrade) must be complete in order to Unlock the Mogul locomotive.

Craft, Upgrade and Statistics

Craft/Upgrade Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
10 Steel-icon 3 Cylinder 2 Piston 1 140% 180 100% 10%
Leafspring 3 Tack 2 Screw 2 Spring 1 140% 280 100% 10%
Reliable-plating 3 Nut 1 Screw 1 Link 1 150% 280 100% 10%
Wheelpair 1 Cogwheel 1 Rope 1 Valve 1 150% 280 110% 10%
Horn 1 Link 1 Cogwheel 1 Valve 1 150% 280 110% 25%
Hitch 5 Crystal-icon 1 Gearing 1 Chain 2 80% 280 80% 25%
Once all possible Upgrades have been installed, you will receive the following for its Perfection:
5,000 Silver-icon 300 Xp-icon 5 Parts

Compared with an unimproved Pacific locomotive, a fully improved Rocket can pull the same number of carriages with a 20% time penalty. Considering purchase price and maintenance costs are significantly less than for a Pacific, it is a less costly alternative for it, despite being 20% slower and 15% less reliable.

Maintenance & Dismantling

Maintenance-worker Preventative Maintenance may be applied through Parts Restoration in order to prevent it from breaking down where it would require full Repair.

A Maintenance Worker may also be hired for 1 Gold-icon to apply Maintenance automatically using the most-basic Parts available in Storage.

Required Time-icon Speedup-icon
5 Spring 5 Cylinder 1:30:00 10 Steel-icon

A Rocket may be Dismantled for random Parts determined by its level of Upgrade

Upgrade Level Possible Parts
None or Partial Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder


Fully Upgraded LinkCogwheelRopePistonValveCrankshaftGearingChainPumpThermostat