Riverside is a City South of Coldport, along the river.

It requires Level 15 to Unlock, in addition to:

280 Coal-icon, 160 Steel-icon 15 Trains-icon, Admin District-admin Level 3 in Fineville, 300,000 Silver-icon (or 120 Gold-icon).

The City

Riverside starts off with an Administration District District-admin and a Station District-station (both at Level 1) and room to build a Port District-port & 1 additional District.

The City has immediate access to the following:

Active Resources Passive Resources Resource Exchange
Coal-mine-icon Coal Mine 1 Goods-icon Fisherman's house Stone-icon Mill
Lumber-mill-icon Lumber mill2

1 — requires bridge construction: 200 Wood-icon 200 Stone-icon 110 Steel-icon 32,000 Silver-icon 20:00:00 Time-icon Speedup-icon 5 Gold-icon

2Dual City Resource which also serves Greenport.

Passenger Routes

Passenger-icon Riverside has 2 Passenger Connections: Greenport & Wideport, both by Water Boats-icon.