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Reputation in the city
Your Reputation Rep-icon in a City is vital to the Upgrade of the Administration District District-admin in each; Reputation Required varies by City.

Earn Reputation Points by Transporting Resources from Mines to Cities, processing them within Industrial Buildings District-industrial, or a few Other Means.

Reputation Earned varies by Resource; Each day, a different Resource will earn Double Reputation Points Rep-icon in a City so check each City's Resource Specification regularly.

Reputation By City is tracked as part of Weekly Global Rankings where you can earn Rewards Production-consultant-icon along with Global Notoriety!

Reputation by Resource

Coal-icon Wood-icon Stone-icon Goods-icon Iron-icon Steel-icon Clay-icon Brick-icon Sphene-icon Titanium-icon
Rep-icon 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 8 4 8

Reputation Required

City 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cross Hill 0 50 5,600 35,000 140,000 210,000 280,000
Coldport 0 700 5,600 35,000 140,000 210,000 280,000
Highcloud 350 700 5,600 35,000 140,000 210,000 280,000
Greenport 400 800 6,400 40,000 160,000 240,000 320,000
Fineville 400 800 6,400 40,000 160,000 240,000 320,000
Riverside 350 700 5,600 35,000 140,000 210,000 280,000
Craftville 250 500 4,000 25,000 100,000 150,000 200,000
Lowerport 500 1,000 8,000 50,000 200,000 300,000 400,000
Wideport 450 900 7,200 45,000 180,000 270,000 360,000
Darkville 25,000 100,000 150,000 200,000
Sweethold 35,000 180,000 210,000 280,000
Lastville 350 700 5,600 35,000 140,000 210,000 280,000
Shinestad 7,200 180,000 270,000 450,000
Giantfort 400 800 6,400 40,000 160,000 240,000 320,000
Windhold 900 180,000 270,000 360,000
Time-icon 4 Hrs 8 Hrs 24 Hrs 36 Hrs
Rep-icon 2Gold-icon 5Gold-icon 125Gold-icon 250Gold-icon 400Gold-icon 500Gold-icon

Global Ranking

As your Reputation Rep-icon in each City increases, so will your Ranking per reputation earned in a single week. Rankings for the Current and Past Weeks, and any Friends that are playing, are listed in separate Tabs accessed by selecting the Leader's Icon at the bottom-center of any City displayed.

You can see the Top 100 Global Players for each City per week at any given time within the platform you are playing (IOS, Facebook, Google, Android). Each platform ranks separately. The Current Week Ranking will change constantly as Players regularly increase/decrease Reputation Points Rep-icon earned by various amounts. Here you can examine a brief glimpse of the Strategies of Top Players by selecting their Name, showing amounts of Resources gathered, their Transportation Fleet, and City Levels.

The Top 10 Players in each City earn a Reward of Random Experts Production-consultant-icon at the end of each Week, as follows:

Ranking Production-consultant-icon
1st 5
2nd - 5th 3
6th - 10th 1

To have an idea of how many Reputation Points Rep-icon a player needs to earn within any one week to win Expert Managers Production-consultant-icon, see the following statistics taken from a single week in July 2017 (note that this particular week is a major vacation week for many TE players from North America, so it may reflect higher numbers than most weeks):

Ranking Average Reputation per city Lowest Reputation City Win Highest Reputation City Win
1st 645168 429654 915951
2nd 515541 295260 763050
3rd 420320 284780 667008
4th 364214 254617 531403
5th 321597 203077 473325
6th 289266 136239 448513
7th 255389 130012 415229
8th 228700 122092 335092
9th 207548 118736 315626
10th 190096 116578 310854

Strategies to Win Reputation Ranking Races

Decide if you are playing for bragging rights for a Title or accumulating Expert Managers Production-consultant-icon.

  1. If playing for a Title as signified by a crown above your profile picture, you will want to concentrate your coal resources and playtime on one or more cities. With enough time devoted to play, it is possible to win Titles for multiple cities, but it is more difficult to achieve as many experts given the high Reputation Points Rep-iconneeded to win. Pride of title may demand an excessively large number of Reputation PointsRep-icon for first place- earning 5 Experts Production-consultant-icon- than that required for 2nd-5th place- earning 3 Experts Production-consultant-icon.
  2. If playing for Experts Production-consultant-icon, you will want to divide your coal resources and playtime through multiple cities. Many players may find it easier to play for ranks 2-10 and earn more Experts Production-consultant-iconscattered through multiple cities than to win Titles within select cities.

Possible strategies to win:

  1. Prioritize coal deposits for reputation races rather than other resource needs within the game.
  2. Find out what Double Reputation Points are available in the city of your choice at any given time. Use lengthy contracts for all resources not earning Double Reputation Points. For selected resource earning double reputation points, use your most efficient trains and largest carriages. Select Rapid contracts that can be speeded up with coal (not gold). Rapid fire send these contracts out; speed the contract up; sell off the excess resource; and repeat.

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