The Polar Express locomotive is a special train awarded upon a completion of a Winter Adventure event. It is the only way to get the locomotive.

An incredible locomotive! It's really fast, pulls the most carraiges, and never breaks
The Driver

Key features:

  • Requires no room in depot
  • Can pull up to three carriages
  • Faster than half of locomotives in the game
  • Never break down and never requires maintenance
  • Can be hitched to any available carriage in game

The downside of this locomotive is its low efficiency. It takes two times more resources than Decapod lomomotive for the same contract.


Locomotive has the following statistics:

Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
3 -100% 115% 10%


Polar Express is not upgradeable.


Polar Express Award

The locomotive is awarded only as a gift upon completion of special Winter Adventure that occurs once a year during Christmas.


The Polar Express locomotive can be hitched to all carriage types.


A Polar Express may be Dismantled for random Parts:



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