Objects on the map

Objects on the map is the term for a collection of Locations scattered throughout Storwell which generate Resources such as Steel Steel-icon & Crystal Crystal-icon as well as Gold Gold-icon, Parts Parts & Experience Xp-icon.

Passive Income developments require only Time Time-icon between Collection while Resource Exchanges also require Silver Silver-icon.

Most locations can be Upgraded to increase the amount of Revenue generated, reduce the cool-down period, or otherwise increase their production rates; See respective Articles for more on each.

All active Objects can be Managed individually via the in-game Map or Managed from the Control Center, if available.

The Level indicated below represents the Game Level required to Unlock the Territory where the Object is found:

Passive Income

Location Level Revenue Image
Forester's Lodge 1 Silver-icon Flodge Icon
Lighthouse 4 Silver-icon Lighthouse Icon
Barton 7 Goods-icon Barton Icon
Smithy 11 Random Smithy
Machine Lab 13 Blueprints Machine-lab
Fisherman's House 15 Goods-icon Fisherman Icon
Granary 16 Goods-icon Granary Icon
Dam 18 Random Dam-icon
Rock Garden 20 Crystal-icon Rock-garden-icon
Colossus 21 Gold-icon Colossus Icon
Mysterious Islet 25 Crystal-icon Mysterious Islet Icon
Foundry 27 Steel-icon Foundry Icon
Fair 35 Silver-icon Fair
The Sandman 38 Gold-icon Sandman Icon

Resource Exchange

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Location Level Revenue Image
Timber Rafting 11 Wood-icon Timber Icon
Watchtower 13 Xp-icon Watchtower Icon
Mill 15 Stone-icon Mill Icon
Hunter's House 20 Iron-icon Hunters House