Mogul locomotive

Available at Level 10, the Mogul is a powerful, passenger Locomotive: it may not be that quick and reliable - maintenance is quite expensive at the early stage of the game. Previous, fully upgraded Rocket Locomotive is still a better option for cargo services, despite it is a bit slower.

However Mogul gives ability to pull three general/special carriages (when fully upgraded). Excellent choice to obtain silver from passenger services.


The Mogul can pull up to 2 Small or Premium Carriages, or special event Christmas Carriages. Applying the Hitch Hitch (5th Upgrade) allows the Mogul to pull up to 3 Carriages.


Research on the Reliable Plating (2nd Upgrade) for the Rocket locomotive must be complete before Research on the Mogul can begin:

Blueprints Time-icon Speedup-icon
Crafting-icon 250 1:30:00 50 Blueprints
Chimney 250 1:30:00 50 Blueprints
Sturdy-fastener 375 1:30:00 50 Blueprints
Brakes 500 1:30:00 50 Blueprints
Horn 550 3:00:00 100 Blueprints
Hitch 1000 6:00:00 200 Blueprints

Pacific Unlock

In order to Research and Craft the Pacific locomotive, you must have completed Research on the Brakes (3rd Upgrade) for the Mogul Locomotive.

Upgrade and Statistics

The # of Carts, Efficiency, Reliability, Speed & Chance to obtain items ratings are approximations based upon the in-game bar graphs for each:

Craft/Upgrade Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
5 Crystal-icon 5 Link 1 Crankshaft 2 120% 250 100% 10%
Chimney 3 Cogwheel 4 Rope 3 Valve 2 135% 250 100% 10%
Sturdy-fastener 3 Link 5 Piston 2 Valve 2 135% 380 100% 10%
Brakes 2 Cogwheel 1 Rope 1 Chain 2 135% 380 105% 10%
Horn 2 Piston 1 Pump 1 Thermostat 2 135% 380 105% 25%
Hitch 10 Crystal-icon 3 Crankshaft 1 Gearing 3 110% 380 105% 25%
Once all possible Upgrades have been installed, you will receive the following for its Perfection:
10,000 Silver-icon 500 Xp-icon 1 Kit-of-parts-icon

Maintenance & Dismantling

Maintenance-worker Preventative Maintenance may be applied through Parts Restoration in order to prevent it from breaking down where it would require full Repair.

A Maintenance Worker may also be hired for 1 Gold-icon to apply Maintenance automatically using the most-basic Parts available in Storage.

Required Time-icon Speedup-icon
10 Steel-icon 3 Link 3 Valve 1:30:00 25 Steel-icon

A Mogul may be Dismantled for random Parts:


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