Storewell is abundant with Resources required to help your Empire flourish; It is your task to Build Mines, establish Routes Route-req-icon, Hire Personnel to Operate them, and Transport them by Rail Trains-icon & Water Boats-icon to connected Cities where they can be put to good use!
Mines & Resources
Ore mine icon
Coal-icon Wood-icon Stone-icon Goods-icon Iron-icon Clay-icon Sphene-icon Silver-icon

Alert-icon Mines that produce Sphene Sphene-icon are referenced In-game as Titanium Mines Titanium-mine-icon versus (more appropritate) Sphene Mines; We have maintained that reference here.


As you expand your Empire, suitable locations will offer opportunity to Build Restore-icon a Mine such as the Mine by Water, in this example, north of Greenport:

Selecting the Build Site Restore-icon will reveal which Resource is available for Extraction along with the Resources & Time Time-icon Required to initiate construction.

Construction of the Mine can be Sped Up Speedup-icon at additional cost by selecting the Construction Icon In-progress-icon above the Mine-in-progress.


Once construction of the Mine is complete, a Route Route-req-icon must be established from the Mine to a connecting City. While most Mines serve only 1 City, there are many that Serve Two such as the Coal Mine Coal-mine-icon and Stone Quarry Stone-quarry-icon east of Greenport (see below this complete List of Dual Resource Locations).

With the Mine and respective Routes now built, you must Appoint a Manager Manager icon to operate the facility.

Operational Mines may be Upgraded to increase Contract options and the amount of Resources available in the Stockpile which, until a mine is upgraded to Level 5, becomes depleted Quarry-exhausted with use.

To Upgrade a (functional) Mine, select its Upgrade Icon Upgrade-mine.

To Increase amount of resource in Mine at cost of 1 Engineer for 10% increase select +



Manager icon
Each newly-constructed Mine must be staffed with a Manager knowledgeable in the Mine's given Resource. I.e., a Coal Mine Coal-mine-icon requires a Coal Mine Manager Coal-manager who will direct operations of the Mine, oversee its workers, and maintain standards throughout.

Info-icon Exception: Managers are required only when you have more than 1 of a particular Mine type. For example, if you have only 1 Ore Mine Ore mine icon, you could Sell and Rebuild without an Ore Manager Ore-manager. Once you have a second Ore Mine, both would require Ore Managers to Rebuild.

To hire a Manager, select the Personnel Icon Manager icon above the Mine; If one is available in your Storage, you are ready to Launch Operations.

Most Managers are obtained by completion of respective resource Contracts, with the Chance to Obtain them based on the Locomotive's Chance-icon or Steamship's Chance-icon Chance Rating. I.e., upon completion of an Ore Contract Ore mine icon, there is a chance that an Ore Mine Manager Ore-manager is obtained.

If no proper Manager is available, you can wait until one is acquired, Re-train another at the Office District-office in Craftville (if available), or find some Other Means including Rewards for viewing in-game Ads which is lucrative for lower-level players as a source.


In order to Upgrade Upgrade-mine a Mine to Level 5 status (thus giving it an infinite amount of Resources available, as demarked by the gold trim of the Mine's Icon to the right), 10 Experts Production-consultant-icon, or Production Consultants, of the same type are required.

Experts can only be obtained by dispatching Airships Airships-icon from the Airport District-air in Highcloud, through Exchange at the Office District-office in Craftville for Managers & Crystal Crystal-icon, or a few Other Means as one of the rarest commodities in the game.


As mentioned above, Mines without level 5 Status will become depleted Quarry-exhausted as Contracts are fulfilled and the Stockpile is drawn from.

Resources available can be increased by 10% of the Mine Level's Maximum by sending in an Engineer Engineer to Replenish Increase-stockpile the Mine. This can also be applied to Mines that have already become exhausted or depleted of its Resources which can, otherwise, be Sold and Rebuilt Restore-icon nearby (with a chance of Retaining the Manager).

Engineers may be obtained upon completion of any Mine Contract, with the Chance to Obtain them based upon the Locomotive's Chance-icon or Steamship's Chance-icon Chance Rating, and a few Other Means.

Cargo Operations


Basic Mine Operation involves simple selection of the Mine, perhaps the Route (if there is more than one), then Start to Initiate the longest Contract available (based upon the Mine's Level of Upgrade) while automatically deploying the most-efficient Active Transport Available in Storage, including Carriages Carriages-icon for Trains Trains-icon.

Selecting the Transport Boats-icon Trains-icon, instead, will allow you to choose which machine will be used to fulfill the Contract, including any Carriage Carriages-icon options involved.