Livingston turbine steamer

A versatile Steamship; quick, handles many types of Cargo:
Coal-icon Stone-icon Goods-icon Iron-icon Sphene-icon

Like most Premium Transports, the Livingston does not need space in the Dock and does not require Research to Craft.


Research must be completed before respective Upgrades to the Livingston may be applied:

Blueprints Time-icon Speedup-icon
Headlight 600 06:00 Content-alert Blueprints
Powerful-engine 1,800 12:00 900 Blueprints
Efficient-burner 2000 24:00 1000Blueprints


  • See Steamships for more on Ratings depicted below:
Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
Crafting-icon 300 Gold-icon 200 120 100 100 18
Headlight 10 Crystal-icon 180 Titanium-icon 1 Superheater 200 120 100 100 40
Powerful-engine 5 Chain 1 Turbine 1 Propeller-engine 200 120 100 85 40
Efficient-burner 50 Crystal-icon 1 Superheater 1 Crank-gear 200 60 100 85 40

Maintenance & Dismantling

With a Reliability Reliability-icon rating of 100, the Livingston does not Require Maintenance but may be Dismantled for random Parts:

Possible Parts
Link Cogwheel Rope Piston Valve Crankshaft Gearing Chain Pump Thermostat

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