This page is intended to assist with the upgrade of resources to infinite that service more than one city.

The mines that serve two cities are the fastest ones to run down (because you are depleting them twice as fast). Making them infinite saves you a huge amount of cost in the long run. Plus you double the effectiveness of your experts as two cities will get the benefit of an infinite mine.

In the current version of the game there are no dual location Sphene mines.

Coal Mines

Level Type Location Serving
13 Land East of Greenport Greenport Fineville
17 Land West of Riverside Riverside Lowerport
27 Land East of Lastville Craftville Lastville
Land South of Giantfort Giantfort Windhold
Water SE of Coldport Coldport Riverside

Lumber Mills

Level Type Location Serving
4 Land East of Cross Hill Cross Hill Coldport
15 Land South of Greenport Greenport Riverside

Stone Quarries

Level Type Location Serving
13 Land NE of Greenport Fineville Greenport
23 Land North of Darkville Highcloud Darkville
27 Land NW of Craftville Craftville Lastville
Water SW of Wideport Riverside Wideport


Level Type Location Serving
23 Land SE of Highcloud Highcloud Darkville
27 Land W of Lastville Fineville Lastville
35 Land E of Wideport Wideport Giantfort
19 Land

South of Fineville
(does not serve Fineville)

Craftville Wideport
Land North of Sweethold Sweethold Shinestad
17 Water East of Lowerport Riverside


Ore Mines

Level Type Location Serving
23 Land South of Coldport Coldport Darkville
20 Land NE of Riverside Fineville Riverside
19 Water SW of Wideport Lowerport Wideport

Clay Pit

Level Type Location Serving
16 Land East of Fineville Fineville Craftville

Sphene Mine

In the current version of the game there are no dual location Sphene mines.

Silver Mine

Level Type Location Serving
Land NE of Riverside Riverside Wideport

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