The Liberty Bell locomotive is an "Indepenency Day" special train, there is no way to purchase it except via this special offer for real money.

Key features:

  • Requires no room in depot
  • Never break down and never requires maintenance
  • Can pull up to 3 carriages
  • Can be hitched to any available carriage in game

The only downside of this locomotive is its efficiency. It is less efficient than Decapod and require more resources to run the same type of contract. However, it is compensated with a better chance to find an item (Mine Manager or Engineer) which is 35% against 10% for Decapod.



Locomotive has the following statistics which are identical to an unimproved (basic) Decapod:

Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
3 5 35%


As of November 2016, the price is about $9.99 (€9.99) and is available via special offer only. Actual price may vary. There is no way to purchase it for in-game gold.


This locomotive has no upgrade options.


The Liberty Bell locomotive can be hitched to all carriage types.


A Liberty Bell may be Dismantled for random Parts:



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