Jamrock expansion

Expansion dialog for Jamrock.

"Now, if you're thinking same destinations, same routes, same contracts, prepare to be surprised! Nothing is same old here; there are always new contracts to fulfill, knowledge to learn, and trades to master. Open up new lands to open up your mind!" — Lynn Skytell

Jamrock is a City south of Darkville and adjacent to the Big Quarry which becomes available at Level 12. It cannot be accessed until your Highcloud Administration level Rep-icon is 4, and you need to have 120 Steel-icon, 220 Coal-icon, and 7 Trains-icon.

To open the Territory, which includes the Big Quarry, it costs either 40,000 Silver-icon or 100 Gold-icon.


Opening Jamrock is part of the Update 2.3 quest.

Adjacent territory

Jamrock adjacent expansion

Expansion dialog for the territory east of Jamrock.

"The itch to explore, the desire to get better is what makes a true entrepreneur and adventurer stand out from the grey competition, that stale mass of ordinariness too terrified to venture out of their comfort zone. Bold minds bolster progress!" — Lynn Skytell

The territory just east of Jamrock is also part of Update 2.3. It cannot be accessed until your Jamrock administration level is 3, and you need to have 1 Template:Amethyst, 2 Citrine and 8 Trains-icon.

To open the territory, which includes an Alchemy institute, it costs either 60,000 Silver-icon or 100 Gold-icon.

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