Icebreaker locomotive

The Icebreaker locomotive is a specially designed gift locomotive for Winter Adventure event. Level 7 is Required to Craft the Icebreaker.

It overcomes snow drifts easily and doesn't slip on ice. Runs faster than any other train on snowy rails, but slower on regular rails.
The Driver

Originally, it was given to all players in commemoration of Game Insight's sixth anniversary, on December 1, 2015.

The Icebreaker has the same visible statistics as the Mogul locomotive, including available carriage types, but it is much slower on regular rails (contracts take 50% more time) and is not upgradable. Unlike some other special locomotives, it also requires room in your depot.


The Icebreaker Locomotive can attach itself to the following Carriages:

  • General Carriage
  • Small Flatcar for Wood
  • Christmas Carriage
  • Small Open Boxcar
  • Boxcar
  • Sleeping Car
  • Big Open Boxcar
  • Large Flatcar for Wood
  • Carriage-Dump Cart

Craft, Upgrade and Statistics

One locomotive is given for free to every Winter Adventure's event participant. Next purchases will cost you resources and parts: 2 Crystal-icon 3 Tack 3 Cylinder.

Instead of exchanging gifts for crystals on Winter Adventure map to purchase the locomotive, you can move to Storewell map and use crystals to craft vehicle.

Locomotive has the following statistics which are identical to an unimproved (basic) Mogul:

Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Speed-icon Chance-icon
2 120 250 100%/50%1 10%

1 — 100% speed only when running on winter map during Winter Adventure event. When running on main Storewell map, the speed reduced twice.

Maintenance & Dismantling

Maintenance-worker Preventative Maintenance may be applied through Parts Restoration in order to prevent it from breaking down where it would require full Repair.

A Maintenance Worker may also be hired for 1 Gold-icon to apply Maintenance automatically using the most-basic Parts available in Storage.

Required Time-icon Speedup-icon
10 Steel-icon 2 Link 3 Piston 3:00:00 20 Steel-icon

An Icebreaker may be Dismantled for random Parts:

Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder