You see, the more you develop your business, the trickier it becomes. And stockpiling gets more important. Only fools rush headlong into things, but you're not like that, right?
Robb Stone
Unlock Requirements
Level Trains-icon District-admin Lock-icon
34 44 Shinestad (6) D5
Cost 13.5M Silver-icon or 500 Gold-icon
Resources 800 Coal-icon 600 Steel-icon 350 Titanium-icon
Trains-icon Mines Boats-icon
Farm-icon Giantfort, Wideport
Clay-mine-icon Giantfort
Coal-mine-icon Giantfort, Windhold
Trains-icon Passengers Boats-icon
Passenger-icon Craftville
Passenger-icon Windhold

Additional Mines serving Giantfort

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Territory Level
Trains-icon Boats-icon
C5 35 Lumber-mill-icon Ore mine icon Titanium-mine-icon

Notable Quests & Tasks

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