Flatcars are Carriages Carriages-icon that can be attached to Locomotives Trains-icon to form Trains that Transport Wood Wood-icon from Lumber Mills Lumber-mill-icon to neighboring Cities.


The Capacity Train-length-icon & Efficiency Capacity-icon Ratings are approximations based upon in-game bar graphs for each while Maximum Reliability Reliability-icon will determine how often Repairs must be made.

Carriage Train-length-icon Capacity-icon Reliability-icon Craft
Small Flatcar for Wood 55 65 170 10 Wood-icon 4 Nut 2 Tack
Flatcar for Wood 75 70 280 80 Wood-icon 4 Cylinder 1 Link
Large Flatcar for Wood 95 75 100 Gold-icon

Locomotive Requirements

Certain Carriages Carriages-icon cannot be attached to some Locomotives Trains-icon:

Carriage Locomotive Restrictions
Small Flatcar for Wood Usable by all Locomotives Trains-icon.
Flatcar for Wood Cannot be attached to the Puffing Billy, Mogul and Mallet Locomotives.
Large Flatcar for Wood Cannot be attached to the Puffing Billy

Maintenance & Dismantling

Carriages may fall into disrepair and require Maintenance; The frequency of Maintenance required is based upon the Reliability Reliability-icon of the Carriage Carriages-icon.

Carriage Parts Time-icon Speedup-icon
Small Flatcar for Wood 1 Nut 01:00:00 500 Silver-icon
Flatcar for Wood 2 Tack 02:00:00 2,000 Silver-icon
Large Flatcar for Wood - - -

Carriages may be Dismantled for random Parts, instead:

Carriage Dismantle
Small Flatcar for Wood Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder
Flatcar for Wood Nut Tack Screw Spring Cylinder

Link Cogwheel Rope Piston Valve

Large Flatcar for Wood Link Cogwheel Rope Piston Valve

Crankshaft Gearing Chain Pump Thermostat

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