So then, someone has dared to challenge me? I will squash your pathetic excuse for a company without breaking a sweat! Now you know my position, do you still have the guts to stick your nose in my domain?
George Moyle
"Face to Face"

Fineville is a City east of Greenport which becomes available at Level 13.

The City

Fineville begins with pre-built Administration & Train Station buildings and one buildable District available.

City unlock


Expansion dialogue for Fineville.

In order to open the city the following requirements must be met1:

260 Coal-icon
140 Steel-icon
8 Trains-icon
Administration level in Greenport: 3

City opening price: 150 000 Silver-icon or 100 Gold-icon

1Completion of the "Face to Face" Quest to Unlock Fineville will Reward you with 1,700 Silver-icon and 4,100 Xp-icon


The city immediately has an access to the following active and passive resources:

Active Resources Resource Exchange
Coal Mine1
Lumber mill

1dual city resource with Greenport.

There are no passive income resources in the city.


Once adjacent Territories are Unlocked, Fineville also has access to a Dual Access Farm, Clay pit & Coal Mine (already Unlocked by Greenport), as well as a Silver mine and Passenger Routes Passenger-icon to Greenport, Craftville & Lastville.


  • Build factory in Fineville
  • Upgrade city administration to level 5
  • Transport passengers 1st class from Fineville to Greenport

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