Cities are comprised of a number of Districts which are Unlocked or made buildable Restore-icon as each City's Administration Building District-admin is Upgraded. Districts available for construction in each City will be restricted by District Type & the District Allotment of each.

District Descriptions

Building (Level) Type Description
Academy District-academy The Academy is always researching new transport models, and periodically produces Blueprints required for Research.
Administration District-admin Determines Maximum Level for all City Buildings and Produces Silver-icon as Tax.
Airport (9) District-air Increase the number of Active Airships-icon available.
Black Metallurgy Syndicate (7) District-bonus Increases the Production of Steel-icon from Factories in the City.
Construction Trust (16) District-bonus Increases the Production of Brick-icon from Workshops in the City.
Control Center (10) District-control-center Monitor active Contracts, collect Taxes Silver-icon, & retrieve Resources from Objects on the Map.
Craftshop District-craftshop Produces Parts for Transport Craft and Upgrades.
Factory District-industrial Processing Iron-icon into Steel-icon.
Lab District-lab Expedite your Technological Progress Blueprints and issue Grants to increase the effectiveness of your District.
Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Group (16) District-bonus Increases the Production of Titanium-icon from Smelters in the City.
Office (16) District-office Permits you to Exchange Managers and Hire Production-consultant-icon.
Port District-port Increase the number of Active Boats-icon available.
Publishing House (7) District-bonus Increases the Rep-icon gained by completing Contracts in the City.
Residential District District-residential Passenger Contracts Passenger-icon yield Silver-icon as the Reward.
Shunting Station (6) District-shunting-station A shunting station allows for automatic hitching, unloading Trains-icon and quick boarding of passengers Passenger-icon.
Shopping Arcades District-commercial Trade Contracts sell Goods-icon for Silver-icon.
Smelter (16) District-industrial Production of Titanium-icon from Sphene-icon.
Station District-station Increase the amount of Active Trains-icon available.
Stock Market (7) District-bonus Increases the Silver-icon gained from Shopping Arcades Goods-icon in the City.
Warehouse District-storage Increases the Maximum amount of Resources that can be Stored.
Workshop (16) District-industrial Production of Brick-icon from Clay-icon.

District Types

Present or available in every City:

One of each may be Constructed in a City:
Multiples of each may be Constructed in a City:
*See City Planning below for Allotments per City.

Industrial & Bonus Blocks

District-industrial District-bonus
Factory-icon Factory Black Metallurgy Syndicate
Smelter-icon Smelter Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Group
Workshop-icon Workshop Construction Trust
District-bonus Enhancement
Publishing House Reputation District-admin
Stock Market Contract Bonuses District-commercial

Restricted to certain, designated Cities:

One of each may be Constructed:

Present or available in a specific City, only:

One of each may be Constructed:
Control Center
Shunting Station

City Planning

Each City designates the amount of same-Type Districts that can be built (Allotment) and should be considered as you develop your Empire; The number of Residential Districts District-residential match the amount of Passenger Connections Passenger-icon for each. Ports District-port will be Limited, as will Academies District-academy, while Unique Districts can only be built in their respective, specified Cities.

City Limited
or Unique
District-residential District-commercial District-industrial District-bonus
Coldport District-port District-shunting-station 3 2 2 2
Craftville District-office 3 2 3 2
Cross Hill District-academy 2 2 2 2
Darkville 3 2 2 2
Fineville 3 2 2 2
Giantfort 2 2 2 2
Greenport District-port District-control-center 3 2 2 2
Highcloud District-air 2 2 2 2
Lastville 3 2 2 2
Lowerport District-port 2 2 2 2
Riverside District-port 2 2 2 2
Shinestad 2 2 2 2
Sweethold District-port 3 2 2 2
Wideport District-port District-academy 3 2 2 2
Windhold 2 2 2 2

Building a District

To begin Construction of a District, select an available Build Site Restore-icon:


Within the list of Districts, District Type Icons District-residential are affixed to the top-left of each:


Select the Info-icon on the top-right to reveal the City's District Allotment of that Type:


If Allotment or Level Requirement issues exist, the District will be Unbuildable:


Quarter Removal

From within a City, selecting the Quarter Removal Icon from the lower right of the screen will allow you to tear down existing Districts, returning them to Buildable Sites Restore-icon, ready for construction.

Administration District-admin & Transport Districts District-stationDistrict-airDistrict-port cannot be removed, nor can any other districts that are currently in-use.

Quarter Removal will yield a return of some Silver Silver-icon and salvaged Resources.

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