The dam is a map object in the top, left-center section (left of Lastville, the section that costs 3 million silver to unlock).

Here's a list of other Objects on the map

Cost to Restore/Upgrade

Level Resources Speed Up
Wood-icon Stone-icon Steel-icon Brick-icon Titanium-icon Crystal-icon Time-icon Silver-icon / Gold-icon
1 300 300 150 12 12:00 6,000 Silver-icon
2 450 450 350 25 18:00 8,000 Silver-icon
3 140 180 35 24:00


The Dam generates a single Random Resource Random each time it's collected. The amount generated depends on the resource and the level of the Dam.

Level Time-icon Resources
Stone-iconIron-iconCoal-iconGoods-iconSteel-iconWood-icon Crystal-icon Clay-iconBrick-iconSphene-iconTitanium-icon
1 8:00 40 1 20
2 12:00 80 1 40
3 24:00 120 1 60

Given these numbers, it's probably best to leave the Dam at level 2, if you can commit to collecting it twice a day.

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